My Trip to San Fransisco

Toy Trolleys

You might have noticed a little lag in my postings recently. This is because I had a lot of things going on, which made for some pretty hectic days.

We helped our son with his move to his dorm, which if you have kids in college should give you a good idea what that entails. Then I had scheduled a gallery interview for the same time in San Fransisco, which meant getting more things ready.

Since flying with tons of stuff, including four paintings and a dog started to become a wishful thing we all climbed into the car and headed up north.

Chinese Dragon

Chinese New Year was in full swing in China Town! The sounds and sights were wonderful! Thanks to my husband who doggy sat for me , I was able to shoot lots of photos and get better acquainted with my new toy.

Eastern Window Display

My daughter took us to the new California Academy of Sciences which was an awesome experience. I will share photos of that one on my

Garden Delights


So many things to see, such wonderful culinary experiences ~you gotta love San Fransisco! ~

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