My Studio ~ A little Show and Tell

My Studio

I love looking at the workspace of other artists and thought it is about time that I shared my little world with you.

My Studio

This is the spot friends and clients get to sit in when they come to my studio. On the side I keep my portfolio and postcards of my work. On the wall is my portrait price list and some paintings done in workshops or for the sake of art shows.

My Studio overlooks the backyard. Birds come and frolic around in the water fountain, that is right outside. When the weather is nice, I move the easel so it faces the outside. There is a little Bistro set out there ~ under an umbrella, where I then take cover from the hot California sun while I work.

Friends and clients often visit my studio and it is important to me that they feel comfortable and have lots of things to look at. The room is drenched in sunlight for a good portion of the day and a fish tank and the sound of splashing water from a water fountain outside my studio all add to a relaxing setting.

My Studio

Meet a "Neat Freak", everything has to have it's place or I go bananas! I have a bad memory and have trained myself to place like objects in their places to avoid hours of frustrated searching.

My Studio

My workspace has to be inspirational, so I like it to have nice objects in it. Sculptured busts, flowers, lots of art books, comfortable furniture are all elements that make the room cozy. Lots of storage would be ideal, but thanks to a great storage room in the garage, only the smaller stuff is housed (away from sight) in the studio.

My Studio

I spend many hours here and love every minute of it! I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my world and visit soon ...

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