Mr. Schnauzer - Dog Portrait

Meet Mr. Schnauzer a handsome little character who has been my latest portrait subject. Every day a neighbor passes with her Schnauzer pass my home. Every time I see them coming, Ic an't but help break out in a huge smile, because I know what comes next. Tons of tail wagging and a little dog who can't come to me fast enough to shower me with kisses. 

Those of you who have met my tea cup Yorkie, Know that I loved my Yorkie a great deal, but I have to say this little Schnauzer has made me want to get my very own. I love those eyebrows and their intelligent demeanor. If I could close my eyes and wish real hard - I totally would wish for a Schnauzer! 

Anyhow, the painting is finished and you can see some large images by clicking on the image. Prints of this painting are available as well.