Meet Cinnamon a Lhasa Apso Poodle Mix


Lhasa Apso painting on easel 

Pet portraits that have landscape settings are my favorite to paint. This dog originally was stretched out in a room.

Pet portrait painted from photo

My client told me that her grandma had a garden full of flowers and that was the starting point for the backdrop of this painting. I usually go for more subdued backdrops but have to say with this painting the bold red, yellows and greens actually work really well.

Pet portrait Lhasa Apso in progress
As always the painting started with a quick block in and from there paint was applied to create the textures. 
The eyes were not visible, so I brought them back to life. The dog has a cute underbite that is hinted at. I purposely did not make the teeth show too much, because it was distracting and not really necessary. Instead, I built up the hairs around the mouth.
maltese head

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