Love Them Bones

My Bone Small for blog
"Love them Bones"

Oil on Panel ~ 6 x 6 inch


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 I wanted to share my latest finished pet portrait of a little Dachshund.The painting is titled "Love Them Bones", because I felt it summons up that look that seems to say "Mine!" The "Pooches with Attitude" contest is still going on so feel free to submit photo via my

Facebook page  or by submitting via email

My Bone Eye detail

A close-up of the eye, it's all about that intense and focused stare our four legged friend like to give us when we approach something that they absolutely do not want to share, let alone have taken away.

My Bone Nose Detail

I had no bones at home, for crying out loud ~ where are those props when you need them?! I thought the fuzzy stuffed bone toy does not make as good as an argument for the possessive attitude our canine friends have for "Them Bones" as the real thing, so I went with a loose interpretation.

A new dog portrait is on my easel

This is the early stage from when I was playing around with the design.

kates Wienerdog Light

This was a photo submitted for the "Pooches with Attitude Contest" that I have going on on my

Facebook Fan page and I chose this little Wiener dog, because the minute I saw the photo it made me laugh. What an expression!

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