Girl Portrait in Oil

Large Oil Portrait of Children - Toddler Girl 566

Large Oil Portrait of Children like the painting of this toddler girl can be painted in various sizes without loosing the realistic details that make for a beautiful rendition of the subject. 

 This large 30x40in oil painting started from a small snapshot taken at a store. My client requested that I only paint the little toddler and do an oversized head only portrait. Expressing the characteristics of the child are the main focus in every one of my portraits. What stood out with this little girl where her large dark brown eyes and her rose bud shaped lips. If you look at the original photo you see that the skin tones are all a flat beige tone.



A child's face has often flushed cheeks and pink around the lids and nose. All this was played up to make the oil painting look more life like. 


Heavy brush work is reserved for added detail and usually used sparingly in the face. When it makes sense I do like to us it on lips, since lips are sometimes a bit chapped and do show texture that is not as smooth as other areas in the face.


This painting was so large that I had to use a stool to get to the top parts of the canvas. I got quiet the workout and felt like being on a stepper. :) This painting was created as a Mother's Day present I can't wait the response once everyone in the family get to see the painting. If you like to order a similar portrait of your loved one click below for more information.
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