Laguna Hills Community Center  -  Solo Show

Laguna Hills Community Center - Solo Show

Rotating Gallery

When the Laguna Hills Community Center first opened it's doors, I approached the center's director to see if an empty hallway could be used for an art exhibit. One thing led to another and before I knew it I had founded the 1st Rotating Art Gallery in Laguna Hills. I started the 1st exhibit off with a solo show of my work, which was on display for one month until it got changed out for another exhibit.

Every month a new artist's work was featured for 30 days. This way local artist had a venue to display their work and introduce different art styles to the visitors of the center. I usually helped the artists with their set up and was there to greet the artists for their "Meet the Artist" evening. The idea was for the artists to interact with visitors to the center and thereby receive more exposure for their work.