Labradoodle in Field Work in Progress 1

Labradoodle in Field Wip1

A painting needs to start with a color scheme that not only compliments the subject, but also fits in with the decor of the client the painting is intended for. I have started on a 2nd painting of the same Labradoodle I last shared. Although technically it's still a portrait of the same dog, there is much more space devoted to the landscape. I love the reference photo my client has submitted for this portrait because it will give the overall painting a very serene and quiet mood. The colors will be much softer than in the first portrait of "Issy" and the first question that needed tackling was how to proceed with the technique. I opted for a more Impressionistic style and the rough sketch shows how after the initial soft color layout the paint layers are being build up. There is much to do, so this post will be kept short.

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