Jeune Mariée #9 Painting is Finished!

Jeune Mariee Oil Portrait

I have added the veil and made a correction to the design of the dress. The bouquet received a punch up and the jewelry was worked on. I think I am done ~ Now that the painting is finished, I have been making rounds in the blogger's sphere and visited


Fete et Fleur, which happens to be my client's blog. I am totally blown away by Nancy's lovely response to my work. Actually, I am sort of at a loss as to what to say, other than that I am overjoyed that she likes the painting so much.

I don't know if any other artists out there feel the same way. I often have to justify to others, why it is that I am spending so much time in front of my easel working at every painting. Fretting, how it could be better, never quiet satisfied and always trying to push as far as my abilities allow me to go.

Well, Nancy's response sums it all up. When you are rewarded with such lovely responses and see that you have given joy to others, you can not help but feel that you are the recipient of a great gift. I was blessed with the love for painting and I can only wish, that my work improves with every painting so that I may be allowed to touch more lives in this very small way.

Thank you Nancy for giving me the opportunity to paint you!

Here you can see a

SLIDE SHOW of how the painting developed or click on each link below to read about my decision making in the process and visitor's comments:


Using Photoshop to adjust Lighting

Jeune Mariée Oil Painting in Progress

Grizaille May 1

Jeune Mariée Oil Painting in Progress #3

Work in Progress #3

Jeune Mariée Oil Painting in Progress #4

Work in Progress #4

Jeune Mariée #5 Painting in Progress

Work in Progress #5

Jeune Mariée #6 Painting in Progress

Work in Progress #6

Jeune_Mariée #7

Work in Progress#7 and #8

Here is the finished painting. Click below for canvas size and rates.

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