Jeune Mariée #5 Painting in Progress

Jeune Mariée #5 Painting in Progress

Sometimes as you are applying paint to a drawing things somehow tend to get away. This was the case with the area below the nose, which just didn't seem to read correctly. The first impulse was to say that the jaw was too long. Experience has taught me though that it is best to let things dry and remeasure everything. Sure enough the jaw was just right, but the lips were the culprit.

I have started to apply more color and am playing around with the over all color relationships. In regards to the dress, I was reverting to a very bad habit I have, which is to go for the details way too early in a painting. So I took a deep breath, loaded the brush and repainted the dress. Why?! Well, if the form beneath the garment reads correctly and only the most important details are there, then our brains should pick up the rest and fill in the details. There is still a ghost image of what was there before, which will guide me as I put some of the ribbon work back in. Sometimes it is better to take a step back to be able to make a leap forward.

Update - the finished painting ...


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