Portrait of an Infant

Infant Portrait


Infant portraits can be painted from existing photos and can be created with backgrounds that work best with your home decor. In all the excitement of new birth parents often take many photos, yet often they look like snapshots.

This little boy was only a couple of months old when I was asked to paint his portrait. My client was looking to gift this painting to his wife in celebration of this new birth. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift, don't you think?!

 baby painting

In this painting, I decided to place the baby on a soft, wispy cloud instead of using the existing bedding. I figured a gift from heaven can be floating on a cloud. In the painting, the eye color is clearly visible, which was lost on the photo. Highlights on the nose and lips add dimension and the painting has a  lot of visible brush marks.

infant portrait from photo

This painting was created on an 8x10 in gallery wrap canvas as can be seen below. This type of canvas does not require framing and ships with hanging hardware attached so you can enjoy the painting as soon as it arrives.

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