Holland Lop - Portrait of Marlow

Meet Marlow

Meet Marlow

Today I am inviting you into my studio to watch how I paint my daughter's rabbit Marlow. Marlow is a Holland Lop. Of course as it is customary with all way too cute pets, Marlow has his own Instagram page as well - just mentioning in case you need to feast your eyes on some cuteness!

Anyhow back to painting Marlow. I thought I share how digital pet portraits are painted. First I scanned in Marlow's reference photo. Then I set out to look for a backdrop,  just to get some sort of a reference color in place. After all my references where uploaded I set to work creating a canvas backdrop of about 40x40 inches and set to work getting background and bunny in position.

First I turned my reference into a black and white chalk drawing to get an idea of the light and dark areas and overall shape. When there is no fur it is easier to see what has to be placed where. 

 Then I switched to color and placed in rough light and dark masses, it looked like a big mess of brown and beige! After that stage it's time to bring in more color and start to define. 

Keep watching as I add more and more images of the painting as areas develop. 

Almost done, notice how I am punching up the fur and sneaking in a variety of color :)

If you like to learn more about how to commission a portrait of your loved one click here , Sample rates are given and different painting styles are explained. 

Drum roll please ~ here is Marlow the Holland Lop - all done!

Click here to see the entire painting

Click here to see the entire painting

Click the image to see the entire painting and to order canvas and paper print with this image in a variety of sizes. 

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