Hippest Young Photographer Alexander Shahmiri


Photo by Alexander Shahmiri

Alexander Shahmiri

is a young and very talented photographer from Orange County,CA. He also happens to be my son and it's time that I share a bit about his work with you. Alex follows in the footstep of his sister, who is 9 years older. When Natalie showed interest in photography , it did not take long before Alex was asking for his own camera. From the first experimental shots of objects around the nose and macro shots of his parents faces his shots have grown to images that are poems filled with emotion. He has developed a very keen eye for composition and work has been exhibited and has repeatedly attracted the interest of Getty Images. He is also the official photographer of a band called "The Jakes", which is represented through Warner Brothers. At nineteen years of age, I see this as truly "Awesome"!


Alex was recently interviewed on

Coming Up Strong

a on-line zine that interviews fresh faces in photography. If you read the interview - this is the camera he speaks of ...

As a parent nothing is more satisfying than to sow the seed of creativity and watch it grow and blossom in your children. When you see talent emerge and be noticed by others you can't help but put on a huge grin and nod and say "Yes - this is the work of my child!"


I won't post more photos of his work, because I like you to experience his work on his web site at

Alexander Shahmiri

Feel free to leave a comment on his blog!

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