Golden Retrievers in a Field - A Custom Portrait

Reference Photo for the Painting

Reference Photo for the Painting

When I saw this photo I thought right away that it would turn into a pretty painting just as is. However my client said that she would rather have a different background and my heart sank. Little did I know at the time how this painting will take on a life of it's own and turn into something really neat looking. 

Golden Retriever Portrait

I just love how lively and vibrant the fur came out to be on this Golden Retriever. Somehow I managed to capture that Golden Retriever eye color and well, surprised myself.  The puppy on the other hand was a bit of a challenge. He was just so incredible dark!

Labrador Puppy

I had the painting all packed up in cellophane and took it out again just to add a bit more purple highlights and even more texture in the fur. In all this Christmas rush I did not have a chance to take another photo and hopefully my client can send me one so I can post the end result here. Now this cutie looks even more lively than pictured here. 

The landscape turned out to be a great backdrop for these two dogs and I can't wait to hear the response from my client. 

Painting on the easel before while it was still in progress

Painting on the easel before while it was still in progress

I lightened everything up to give it a sun kissed glow and below is the finished result. If you like to order a similar portrait just click below. 


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