Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio

Once I decided what the painting of Renate should look like it was time to determine the lights and darks and placement on the canvas. This is what I did:

1. Thumbnail drawings to determine overall look
2. More detailed drawing with focus on light and darks
3. Determine placement on canvas by applying Golden Ratio
4. plot ever thing out both on grid paper and on canvas

The Golden Ratio is a means by which to determine the ratio of the length to the width, which should ideally be 1.618 to 1. To create the golden ratio rectangle and determine it's focus points, start by drawing a square.

My canvas size is 24" x 36" and giving that I will loose about 1 inch on either side due to frame overhang, I based my configuration on 22inches. 22" x 1.618= 35.5" (my canvas size should be ok)

To find the "focus" points, draw a diagonal from the center of the square to one of the opposite corners. Then, place one tip of a compass on your mid point and the other on the corner of the square and make a semi circle to get the size of the rectangle.

The length of the area just plotted to create the rectangle, needs to be marked off on the opposite side as well. You should end up with three rectangles within this large one.

Once that is accomplished draw diagonals from the corners of the large rectangle and then again from the two smaller once(leave the center alone).

Where two lines intercept is where the focal points are located.

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