labradoodle painting

Standard Poodle Portrait

labradoodle painting on easel
I have been working like crazy on this Standard Poodle pet portrait. The painting has to be ready so my client can gift it to someone very special. A few touch-ups are left and I think this painting can be set aside to dry. 🎨 
Below is a little collage of how the painting has progressed ...
labradoodle painting collage
While I was looking for a border for the labradoodle photo I came across this lovely poem~
The Daisies
In the scented bud of the morning – oh...,
when the windy grass went with rippling far, 
I saw my dear one walking slow, in the field where the daisies are.

We did not laugh and we did not speak as we wondered happily to and fro, I kissed my dear on either cheek,
In the bud of the morning – oh...,

A lark sang up from the breezy land,
a lark sang down from a cloud afar,
and he and I went hand in hand
in this field where the daisies are.
Poem by James Stevens