Formal Woman Portrait

This is my new project for Renate Kugland, who lives in Germany. The aim with this reference photo is to turn the painting into what I would categorize as a portrait of a woman in a formal evening gown.

Since all I have to work with is this setting a couple of things need to be decided. For example:

1. Theme
2. Background
3. Outfit
4. color scheme
5. Composition
6. Size
7. Title

1. I like the stance. The slight tilt forward, the hands behind the back, mouth slightly parted - these all have an alluring effect - there is hesitation - what's going on?
Possible Themes: romantic encounter - go for less is more....

2. With all the stuff in the background right now, it would only weaken the focus.
Possible Solution: simple background, possibly with some texture, look for props to support theme (rose?-what color?)

3. Find sexy but simple. Strap dress, that clings to body heightening the theme. Look at statues to get ideas...

4. Compliments to Red-Orange?
Possible Solutions: Compliment is Blue Green, Split Compliment Blue or Green, Triads-Blue-Violet or Yellow Green.
Possible Solution:Maybe a greyed down Blue Violet to compliment her beautiful hair?

5. Do thumbnails - work out lighting and positive/negative space
Thumbnail Sketch

A- too static, C- too much empty space, D- too cluttered
Solution: B - nice S curve, more drama, sense of vulnerability-being cornered

6. Play on hesitation, enhance the forward tilt.
Possible Solution: Full figure

7? no idea
Possible Solution: ask Renate...

Used Frederix 24"x 36" Red Label Medium Texture with three coats of Gesso(worked well)
Used Winsor Newton Pewter for the 1st time. Color had a nice shimmer to it but had to get mixed with other colors to get the proper shading going. Might be suitable for Jewelery in small doses.

More About this painting:

Painting Process from start to finish

Travelling with the Painting To Europe

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