Floral Trinket Trays

Floral Trinket Trays

Searching for the perfect trinket tray ?Tulip Trinket Tray Live colorfully! This mantra infuses everything that I create or find, from paintings and prints to home decor to knick-knacks. My creative designs aim to perfect the art of playful sophistication thanks to the use of crisp color, graphic prints, incandescent charm and irreverent wit. That brings me to the new line of Trinket Trays I have just added to my store. 

cherry blossom trinket tray


This fun catchall is as lovely as it is functional. The handcrafted glass comes in round, square and rectangle and each bear one of my personally designed prints. If you have a favorite photo and like me to create a customized try for you, send me your photo via the contact button on the website.

customizable trinket tray

It's a great way to create one of a kind gifts for someone special since you can even add a message. Here is something I created for my veterinarian as a little thank you for taking care of my little four-legged bundle of joy. 

trinket tray with pet paws in red

I will be adding new designs and will share them with you as they become available. You can click here to see what is already available. 


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