Finding That Special Gift

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and that kids are heading off to school again. To me it signals a time when people fall back into a normal routine again and start to slowly make plans for the holidays. It's a time to think about where to vacation and most importantly start to look for gifts for loved ones. But finding that special gift is always a challenge and I am going to share with you why I think a portrait of a loved one is such a unique gift.

Old Master Painting Alfred Guillou

Old Master Painting Alfred Guillou

Paintings of the Old Masters have peeked our interest for years. They often show people in beautiful clothing standing or seated in equally beautiful settings. To me these portraits are beautiful to look at and I find them precious because they also capture a moment in time to be cherish forever. Time is fluid, children grow up, loved ones move away or pass on, but their presence when captured in a beautiful painting, can be enjoyed for generations to come . A custom painted portrait can communicate something about the dignity and character of individuals, the supple things about them and the way they relate to one another. 


Each one of my portraits is an individual work of art which requires a passionate vision and meticulous attention to details of composition and lighting, background settings and attire.  For years I have successfully merged photographs with traditional oil painting techniques to create portraits that are meaningful for my clients and equally beautiful as decorative art. My custom made portraits always become precious treasures in the homes and hearts of my clients and make truly unique, one of a kind gifts.

Portraits can be created from your existing photographs and undesired elements can be removed and special mementos added for a truly personalized painting. Even the painting style can be eater traditional or more abstract like in the portrait below. 

The possibility are endless, but the one constant is that a painting is a truly, one of a kind gift that is made for someone very special in mind. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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