Faces Exhibit at Artist Eye Gallery

Art Walk January 2012

I have been a bit absent from the on-line world, because I wanted to spend some time catching up with things around the house that needed my attention. So after spending days painting a fence and getting covered in Rustoleum Glossy black, getting changed for last night's event was a nice break. Little did I know what a huge success the exhibit

would be. The paintings managed to evoke some very interesting responses in people, some found the Iranian man's chuckle heartwarming, other's agreed that the Sadhu must have wisdom unknown to us and many very intrigued by the stories behind each work. We all agreed that traveling the world and meeting people from different cultures is wonderful and a must for anyone who truly wants to experience everything that humanity has to offer. During the evening so many people shared their travel experiences and photos with me that we all ended up exploring different corners of the world through each others experiences. What an evening!

I want to thank everyone who came to the show for making this evening so special! Here are some more photos taken at the beginning of the evening, before it got really busy.

Artist Eye GalleryArtist Ernie Jones with a  customer at the Artist Eye Gallery

Artist Ernie Jones was talking about his paintings to a customer.


Artist Giorgio Dimichina talked to visitors about his lovely Tuscan style inspired paintings. I love to see how people take in the art.

Artist Eye Gallery

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