Doodle Portrait 696 in Progress

Doodle Portrait 696

 Doodle Painting 696 in Progress

This custom painted portrait of two Doodle dogs comes with several special requests. My client is giving this 16x20in oil portrait as a gift to a friend and wanted it to be a funny painting of her friend's two doodles. 

Mock up for doodle portrait 696

As per my client's request, a Yamakah and Chanel necklace were added to dress up the dogs. I first wanted to change the background, but the more I looked at it I thought it actually works as a nice setting for the two dogs. I liked the shimmery gold things in the background and the window opening that had the blue. It repeats the color of the Yamaka and gold chain and gives a nice warm setting to the overall painting. 

Doodle Portrait 696 in Progress

I still have a lot more work to do an will post again soon. In the meantime here is a video on the first steps of the painting. 


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