Golden Retriever Eyes

Dog Portrait 688

 Golden Retriever Dog Portrait


This portrait was painted after my client received her 1st portrait order. SHe was so happy with the look that she ordered a 2nd portrait. FOr me that is the highest compliment I can receive.

Golden REtriever Face PAinting

I feel so blessed to be able to enter my studio each day and just create paintings, because I know that each and every one of them has such a special meaning for the recipient. My husband jokingly asks why I just not start giving away my paintings, since I spend so much time on each and every one of them. But honestly when you get to paint and clients love your work, it's such a huge reward as is. 

Orders have finally slowed down, since we are getting closer and closer to Christmas. I still have two more paintings to finish as of today. Well, better get to work again...


Here is a step by step video how I painted this dog portrait 


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