painting of two dogs 593

Digital Portrait of Two Dogs 593

two dogs painting

This is a digital portrait of a Chihuahua and his friend. My client was looking for a special gift for a relative and send me a photo she wanted to have turned into a painterly rendition of these two pets.

Pet Portrait from Photo 593

By taking out the bedroom and adding a colorful background the two dogs now seem to emerge from the background. Fun and more modern in feel this painting is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. I am particularly fond of the friendly draped paw of the larger dog over the smaller one. 


I am  often asked how the digital portraits differ from the oil portraits and this painting is a great example to show you some close-up shots. Even with a digital portrait brush work and different textures can be shown. The main difference is that when the image is printed on a canvas the surface will be smooth, just as can be expected from any canvas print. An oil portrait in comparison has textured paint that can be felt when you mom your hand gently over the surface. Another big difference are the dark areas in an image. Printers tend to treat dark areas as one solid color. However we artists love to sneak in color even into the shadow areas of our paintings. So in essence you get even more detail in the dark areas of an image. Lastly the difference between a digital portrait versus a oil portrait is cost. It just takes much longer to create an oil painting and more supplies such as paint and varnish is needed to create magic. 


The huge benefit of a digital painting is that you can print it as often as you like to whatever size you need, as long as it is for personal use of course. It's also a great way to save on shipping and custom fees and a very inexpensive way to have something hand painted by an artist, even if the tools are more modern ones. 

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