Darfur Fundraiser has started!!!

Sudanese Girl Orig. Oil Painting by Enzie Shahmiri

After a lot of consideration, I had to examine what I wished to raise for the people of Darfur and what made more sense for an on-line auction. This painting is worth $2,500.00 if sold at the gallery. So with great hopes that people are willing to make contributions I have reduced the starting bit to $50. Let the bidding begin and let's raise some money for Darfur!

100% of all proceeds goes to the United Nations UNHCR to aid the people of Darfur!

If you prefer not to bid on the painting and rather make a small contribution please visit the UNHCR site and click on

Chad Sudan Darfur Emergency

Every little bit counts and will be greatly appreciated!

Sudanese Girl Postcard
Sudanese Girl Postcard
by EnzieShahmiri

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