Custom Painted Pet Portraits

Custom Painted Pet Portraits


We turn your favorite and most beloved images and photographs into custom hand painted oil portraits. Backgrounds can be switched to any color that fits your home decor. Here is another custom painted pet portrait for a client in North Carolina. When painting custom portraits it is always important to listen to a client's request. The client wanted to have this exact pose captured and was looking for a blue/green background. 



By building up layers and texture gradually the right color can be achieved.  I sneak in all sorts of colors that I find in the reflected lights. I believe it elevates the painting from ordinary to something very special, while still retaining the exact look of the pet. 


When I take photos and post them on-line the detail is often not apparent unless I zoom in and leave the picture at high resolution.  If you like to learn more about how to order a similar portrait, click below for pricing. 

pet-portraits-by-nc.jpg custom-painted-pet-portraits.jpgdog-eyes-detail.jpg