Couple Portrait 641

Couple Portrait 641

couple portrait painted from photo

This couple recently got married and my client wanted to give them a gift that would be unique and something they can remember this happy occasion by. The client had a photo of the couple that was taken at another event and was not sure if it could be used because of the window in the background.

sky background

So the first thing that had to be changed was the background. I presented this soft background that is somewhat muted to keep the focus on the couple. 

man portrait detail 641

A lot of the detail is lost when the entire image is shown. In a portrait such as this couple portrait, I prefer to keep things soft. However, you can see the brushwork in such areas such as the hair and beard. 

woman portrait face detail 641

Stray hairs that hang into the face are often removed in the painting. In most photos, the eye detail gets lost, so the color in the pupils is brought back in. 

Other minor changes occur to enhance the overall appearance of the finished painting and this is what it looks like after everything is done. 

Couple Portrait painted from Photo 641

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