Cockatiel Portrait 534

Cockatiel Portrait 534


Did you know that I paint portraits of birds and other small animals as well? They are not requested as much as dog and cat portraits, but these little guys are equally as important to their owners. 

“Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus), are generally regarded as good pets or companion ... If left on their own, quiet birds will make contact calls with their owners, that can be quite loud if the person is out of sight. ... to all family members equally and will not favour one person and feel the need to defend him or her as much.”
— Wikipedia

The painting started out with the reference photo above. I changed the background and added a tail and placed the bird onto a perch. This setting works much better for a portrait and I hope that the client will be able to enjoy this painting for many years to come. 


Cockatiel painting Cockatiel PortraitCockatiel

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