Celebrating Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving
I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!


Reflecting back to the last year it so so nice to see that we can move about freely again and spend time with our families.  Supermarkets are crowded again, there are traffic jams and on TV airports are shown with tons of travelers trying to get to their holiday destinations. Yes, this year I feel grateful to see true hustle and bustle everywhere, rather than the desolate landscapes of recent years. It is a true blessing to see things going back to normal again.


 Growing up I never celebrated this holiday since Thanksgiving was not a German or Iranian tradition. Only after I moved to the United States did I get introduced to this wonderful holiday. Besides the mouthwatering turkey and wonderful dishes that are served for this celebration, I liked the idea of just another excuse to gather with family. 

thanksgiving table setting

What will your table setting look like and what you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving?

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