Brown Poodle Portrait

Poodle by Portraits by NC

Poodle by Portraits by NC

I am playing catch up as usual and this is poodle portrait is one that I have painted several weeks ago, yet forgot to post. I love to capture that special gaze pets have that just touch and warm your heart. In this portrait the tilt of the head was just ideal to bring out that loving gaze. 

Poodle Before After

Sometimes too much body does nothing special for a portrait and that's when I recommend to crop the reference photo. My client wanted a white background and we went for something that was highly textured.

Did you know that the poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds? Hiding behind all that fancy hair do and prancing there is a dog with high intelligence and friendliness towards people. 

If you like to order a similar portrait click below for pricing and size information. 

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