British American Business Council Fundraiser at Montage

Great Hats

The British American Business Council organized a fundraiser/high tea garden party during Brit Week in May at the beautiful Montage Resort, CA. . The event, sponsored by BritWeek Chairman Bob Peirce & Mrs. Sharon Harroun Peirce, together with The British American Business Council OC & The World Affairs Council OC raised funds for the BABC Scholarship Program. Artists from Art A Fair where invited to participate and donate items to the silent auction.

My Display at the British American Business Council Fundraiser

This was my little set up in the garden area. The weather was great and the views of the ocean spectacular.

Artist at work at the Montage Resort

I don't like sitting around and usually paint if there is enough room to set up an easel. It's a nice way to invite guests of an event to step up closer and see what you are doing without feeling to intimidated and also serves as a great conversation starter, when you can share a bit of what you do with others.

BritWeek Chairman Bob Peirce Speaking at British American Business Council

Some guests sported rather interesting hats and we all listened as Brit Week Chairman Bob Peirce spoke about the importance of this event.

Cup Cakes

All the while enjoying great desserts and lovely classical music, which was performed live. More photos here.

What you did not see was disaster striking as I left the resort. The unglamorous part of being an artist is that you have to "schlepp" everything you bring to an event. So just like a bag lady, I had a cart filled to the brim with my easel, paints, supplies and of course art work. As I crossed the main intersection at PCH, one of the wheels of the cart got stuck and send everything flying into the intersection. A family of five was crossing with me and they were kind enough to spring into action and help me retrieve broken frames and other things that were scattered in the street before the traffic light changed again.

Mental note: When you are a ultra famous artist hire staff to schlepp for you :)

Brit Week Fundraiser at the  Montage British+American+Council.jpg

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