Boxer Puppy eye detail

Boxer Puppy Painting 690

Boxer Puppy Painting

The Painting of the Boxer Puppy is finished. I made two videos, so you can see how the painting has progressed over time. Painting is a series of layering of paint in various degrees of thickness. A painting keeps evolving and sometimes takes on a mind of its own.


This latest video shows how I put on the finishing touches. I use Windsor Newton Oleo Pasto Medium to thicken the paint when adding more texture to certain areas of the painting. If you click on the link you can watch another video about the medium, which is very informative. 

When looking back you can see the difference between the more flat look of the painting and the finished result. I have noticed after painting many a portrait, that adding thicker paint in certain areas and also introducing colors you would not associate with a portrait, the artwork starts to look much more realistic. It's hard to convey this difference with images you see on a screen, but there is a world of difference when the painting hangs in a room.

paint texture detail

In this image the first layer was completely dry before I went back in to work with thicker paint. I usually oil out the surface so everything has the same sheen, but here I wanted to show the difference between thick and thin paint. Ones the thick layer is dry, the final varnish will give the painting the same sheen all over. 

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