Blue English Bulldog Puppy - Flower Babies Painting

Blue English Bulldog Puppy - Flower Babies Painting

English Bulldog painting progress

Painting Progress of Blue English Bulldog Puppy

I have embarked on a new Summer project of portraits of Puppies wearing Floral Wreaths. I am calling them "Flower Babies" and they will be available as a free downloadable print for a limited time. First I have to figure out how to set this up on the website though... As of now, I have just finished one of a set of 4 I am planning to paint. This is a blue English Bulldog puppy wearing a red floral wreath on a Pink background.  I am planning to do one of a puppy with a blue background for sure and have to decide on the other two colors. 

If you happen to have a puppy and don't mind sending me a photo in a similar pose I might even use your puppy for the next painting. If your puppy is chosen as the model, you can also download the JPG file and have it printed either your home printer or through a print on demand center. 

Watch the newsletter for when the printable file is available. I will try to get it up sometime later this week. 

english bulldog puppy painting

If you like to order a similar portrait click the link below.