Black Labradoodle


In 1988 an Australian breeder successfully bred the first labradoodle, by crossing a Labrador retriever with a standard poodle. The aim was to create a guide dog for the blind that might also be attractive to those allergic to fur and dander. Soon after the breed was noticed by American breeders who recognized not only the cute look but also the calm guide dog demeanor and hypoallergenic nature.


Cabella is the name of this black labradoodle, who passed away. As you can see in the original reference photo the eyes were hard to see and the entire photo lacked luster. I spend a good deal of time building up texture and made sure that the eyes would pop. My client is hanging the portrait of Cabella over the entry to their kitchen and therefore brightening everything up was important to make sure that the dog's features can be seen by anyone who passes beneath.

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