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When Nancy Malay contacted me asking if she could interview me for her new website  "Art Rumors" I was very excited. Art Rumors motto is:

"Whether you’re an artist, collector, or art enthusiast, this is the place where you’ll find artist interviews, tutorials, reviews on the newest products, fun facts and more."

I love the idea of websites that bring together people with common interests, especially if it is art related. So head on over and check out the site. You can read the interview Nancy did with me here

If you are an artist I highly recommend you contact Nancy Malay for a chance to be interviewed. It is great practice to share a bit about your creative process and if possible even do a tutorial.


There comes a time when your creations attracts the attention of others. That's the time when you need to feel comfortable enough to share a bit about yourself, your work, aspirations and personal history. The general public loves to learn more about the artists whose work they admire and for you this is a great way to get in some practice sharing a bit about yourself. Usually a questionnaire is send out and you will be asked to answer a set amount of questions. You will also need to have samples of your work and perhaps some photos of yourself that are in good focus. I suggest creating a file labeled "Press" and adding whatever you prepare for your first on-line interview. You can always tweak that folder and update it with new images to have ready on hand for when you are asked for an interview. 

In this day and age, everything is about sharing information. All websites have sharing buttons and are represented on social media. When someone offers to interview you, make sure to thank them and show your gratitude by commenting and sharing the interview with your on-line networks. 

So with that in mind I like to thank Nancy Malay again for giving me chance to share a bit about myself with her readers. 

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The Artist

My name is Enzie (pronounced "NC") and I am multidisiplinary artist based out of California, USA.  

I specialize in life size commissioned portraiture of pets and people and one of a kind handmade miniatures.

While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.

While I am creating, my team is hard at work to make your shopping experience easy and smooth.