Anna Maria Painting in Progress 2nd Color Stage

Anna Maria Oil Painting in Progress

I have been working away and have been able to take a better photo of the work in progress. I wanted to show what was happening, since I know that Anna is visiting the blog and eager to see how her painting is developing.

So what has changed from the previous stage?

The previous stage showed ca 4 value shifts with the lightest value being a 9 jumping to 7 then to 5 to 3 and back up the nose to 5. This is why the face had bands of color. In this stage I have applied the values that lie in between each area, so value 8 came in between 9 and 7, value 6 in between values 7 and 5, and so on. Further I had to ask weather the color I was seeing was a cool or warm color, was it chromatic or actually greyed down. Which areas needed to receede and which had to come forward. Then I tried to look at the play of light against dark. Figure out how to make the garment work and on and on it goes. An ongoing series of corrections, which is going to continue until everything seems right.

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of the work in progress.



, I love this musical piece and it suits the mood of this painting just too well to pass...

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