3 D Santa


3 D Santa

9 x 12 inches ~ oil on panel

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The 3D Santa is finished as well and I am excited how he seems to almost pop out of the frame as if asking the viewers whether they were naughty or nice. 



I had to make a lot of correction in the face and ended up moving one eye up, one eyebrow down, fixing the mouth, etc. . The artist's eye tends to see what it want to see after a time, so it always helps to put the painting aside to refresh one's view of what is actually on the canvas. I spend a lot of time building up facial hair and fur. After all, it's a 3 dimensional Santa so a lot of texture is called for.

Here you can see some of the texture I am talking about:

3D+Santa+Work+in+Progress+2+Detail.jpg 3%2BD%2BSanta%2BWIP1%2Bcopyright%2Bprotected.jpg

Well I have a new painting on my easel. Part of my annual

Santa Series

 I have been working on this Santa with one objective in mind. I want to add a lot of texture to this image, so that the face seems to be three dimensional. I have never tried this and I thought it might be fun to see how far I can take it .

3 D Santa measures 8 x 10 inches and is painted in oil on panel. This is the 1st in progress shot and more will soon follow.

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