Vintage Stoves

There is something incredibly charming about vintage dollhouse stoves. Today they can be found in auction houses like Theriault for collectors with deep pockets. My most expensive vintage stove a German made Bodo Hennig  had me gasping for air and that did not even come close to some of the prices of the vintage stoves I am showing you today.

Bodo Hennig Dollhouse stove

The Bodo Hennig is already oil one of my dollhouses, but I still need three more stoves for the other houses that I am working on. Currently I am trying to finish the chateau and I am looking for a vintage stove that corresponds somewhat to the era. So rather than buying a stove, I thought why not try making one. Here are some of the runner ups that have caught my eye. 


This GRAND GERMAN TINPLATE AND NICKEL TOY STOVE ATTRIBUTED TO BING 18" x 15" x 10" (excluding chimney). Of sturdy tinplate with nickel stove top, claw feet and corner columns, six nickel plated oven doors with hinged closures, three-sided towel bar, chimney with wide nickel cap, and having five original various nickel plated kitchen wares including lidded water heater with faucet, tea kettle, two double-handled lidded kettles, long-handled lidded saucepan, (missing one pan but lid is included). Generally excellent. Germany, circa 1890, attributed to Bing. One of them was for sale here and sold for $600.00 




14" x 9" x 6". The tinplate stove with brass claw feet, decorative corner columns, and brass framing, has three embossed brass front oven doors with hinged closures, tall chimney with brass cap, and with five various original kitchenware of tinplate with brass lids including water heater, chocolate pot with stirring spoon, tea kettle with wooden handle, double-handled pot and long-handled saucepan. Generally excellent. Germany, late 1800s, attributed to Bing. This one sold for $550 here.


Rare American Blue Enamel Ware and Nickel Stove "Quick Meal"

The blue enamel ware framed stove has cast iron stove top with six burners and lifter, steel back with nickel edging on brackets and shelf, two nickel-plated shelves that hinge from the back wall, chimney with workable flue, nickel-plated oven door embossed "Quick Meal" with hinged opening and interior racks, nickel-plated door for coal or wood, door for ashes with tinplate ash bin, movable grate. There is a wide drying bar at the front, and a small drying bar that forms the oven handle. Condition: near mint state of preservation. Comments: the Quick Meal Toy Stove was only available through dealers of people-sized Quick Meal Stoves, and the manufacturer recommended placing the small stove in the store window along with a little girl baking biscuits "and you will be surprised at the crowds it draws". American, circa 1910, Quick Meal Stove Co. (originally the Ringen Stove Co of St. Louis, which became a division of the American Stove Co. in 1894). In 1909 the stove sold for $5.50 and now sold for $2,200!

Vintage dollhouse stove


I found this one via Pinterest and thought it was pretty as well. At least there was no sticker shock associated with this stove. I also found a side view of the same stove, which comes in handy when trying to recreate it from scratch. 

vintage stove side view

I love looking at vintage toy catalogs and discovering all the amazing little items that were added in these vintage room boxes. I think for this particular project I have narrowed down the stove I will try to recreate first. Follow me via Instagram to see which one it will be.

American Paper Mache Doll by Ludwig Greiner with Early 1858 Patent Date

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