The Florist 1/24 Scale Miniature Diorama

The Florist 1/24 Scale Miniature Diorama

the Florist custom made miniature

Joy through a Florist. Did you know that a Harvard study has indicated that receiving flowers creates a positive reaction of immediate happiness and general well-being. No wonder that I feel wonderful everytime I set foot in such a shop. With Covid-19 many of such visits have been put aside and that gave me the idea to start working on the Florist themed diorama. 

Minaiture plants and flowers

I wanted to create an array of plants and flowers that are nicely displayed as one would expect from a florist.

The building is made to look like a converted greenhouse. This allows for a lot of natural light to penetrate the interior and gives the entire scene a very natural look. 

handmade 1/24 scale miniatures 

 I All items in the diorama are handmade by me. Materials range from wood to paper, sculpting paste and more. 

When I work on a diorama I want it show well from all sides. Just like in my paintings I lead the viewer through the setting and offer little details throughout. My aim is to make you want to explore the setting from all sides. 

When I made the terra cotta pots, I wanted them to look well used and aged. The patina adds to that effect and once I added some soils the additional detail made for an even more natural look.