Ornate French Style 1 24 Scale Miniature Diorama/Dollhouse Frames


 handmade French Style Miniature Frames

Ever since I have stumbled into the world of plaster molds, I have been busy making tiny ornate things like this set of three French style frames. 

I used clay to get the different designs and once the clay was dry added the tiniest pieces of art work I could find. Many coats of paint, some aging techniques and layers of resin gave these tiny frames just the vintage look I was after. 

tiny 1 24 scale frame

Considering exactly how tiny this frame is, you can see that it is ideal for 1/24 scale spaces. Of course I have a larger one as well and decided to add even a third one of a different shape for visual interest.

 small french miniature frame

For the artwork in the center I found these amazing little paintings that are meant for nail art. At this tiny scale making details look good is not easy and these stickers were perfect for the project.

1 24 scale ornate frame with woman

The larger piece shows a woman and I am totally in love with it. I first wanted to add them to the Chantilly house, but then thought it's time to add some new items to the shop. My house will have to wait :)

ornate 1 24 scale dollhouse frame

The last frame has an entirely different shape and looks very unique. I think hanging the three together as a set will add a lot of French style flair to any room.


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