Miniature Pug Statue

Miniature Made to Order Pug Statue 1/12 scale Miniature Pet

paw prints
Since I started to make miniature dioramas, I have been playing around with the idea of making custom pets in 1/12 scale as well and I am happy to report that my first little pug is making it's debut.
miniature pug statues

The pug is 3D printed and can be ordered with the color and markings of your pet as well. After I print the pet it gets several coats of Acrylic paint to build up the look of fur. At this small scale bringing out the details is a love affair in working in miniatures. I use tiny brushes and add details with a pin, for some very cool looking results. I will be working on a French Bulldog next, so stay tuned.

dollhouse pug

You can order it here


miniature pug statue

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