How to make a Modern Miniature Bed with Tufted Headboard

Making is tufted headboard for a miniature bed is very easy and can be sone with a few supplies that you might already have on hand. In this video you can easily follow along as I make such a headboard using fabric, batting, heavy card stock and some wood. The measurement are given and a free printable template is available for 1:24 and 1:12 scale so that you can make a similar bed for your own dollhouse.

For this project you will need:

  • Colored Fabric for the cushions
  • a white fabric for the mattress
  • another color fabric for the blanket
  • small amount of batting
  • a bit of felt
  • Any glue
  • Clamps
  • double sided tape
  • invisible nylon thread and needle
  • tiny studs or beads to act as the foot of the bed
  • balsa wood and/or thick card stock

* The measurements are given for 1/24 scale

Directions on how to make the pillows

making miniature pillows

  • cut the colored fabric to about 2.7cm x 5 cm
  • place glue on the parameter of the underside of the fabric and glue down the sides for a clean finish
  • fold the pillow as shown in the video and add a bit of batting 
Batting for pillows
  • to create a crease in the pillow use the invisible thread - it's amazing to keep things in place and is very hard to see
  • insert thread from the bottom of the pillow and thread all the way to the center at the top of the pillow, then make one stitch and return to the bottom. Pull the thread, so that the upper portion gets slightly indented and tie ends of thread together. Cut off excess thread. 
  • Repeat the same step for the other pillows

Directions on how to make the mattress

Mattress construction

  • Cut a rectangle measuring 5.1cm x 6.3 cm balsa wood or thick card stock 
  • glue down the mattress fabric and tug the edges in
  • make sure to clamp down the edges
clamping down edges

    Directions on how to make the headboard


    • cut a rectangle measuring 8cm x 8cm out of cardboard
    • cut out a rectangle 5.2cm x 4.5 cm using paper to make a template that has 5 stripes measuring 1 cm x 4.5 cm each ( leave a gap of about 0.1 cm between the lines
    cutting felt strips
    • place your felt piece over the template and cut out the felt pieces
    headboard with one layer of felt
    • depending on how thick you want the headboard to be you can layer up with another set of felt strips or add some batting
    • if you add batting the way I did, I suggest sewing over the gaps with a back stitch to keep the batting in place
    backstitch on batting
    • now glue the paper template onto the cardboard and glue the felt pieces on top, making sure to leave the gaps free
    • once the glue has dried cover the felt with your desired head board fabric - making sure to add a bit of glue to the gaps
    using ruler to press fabric
    • using a ruler press the fabric into the gaps
    • glue down the left over fabric on the back as well

    Directions on the bed assembly

    • cut out 2 wood or heavy card stock strips measuring 6.5 cm x 1 cm and one at 4.9cm x1(these will be the bed frame
    • cover the pieces by using double sides tape and your fabric
    miniature bed assembly
    • glue the pieces together and glue the mattress on top
    • once the glue has dried glue on the headboard
    Miniature bed legs
    • use the studs or tiny beads and glue them to the base 
    • place your pillows and blanket on top
    • to keep the bedding from slipping I suggest sewing it down with the invisible thread
    Modern Miniature Bed


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