What is Crabgrass?


I am always amazed at the many things that can grow in grass. My biggest nemesis is crabgrass. It is stubborn, I tell you. No matter how often I rip it out, it keeps coming back. So I had to do some research - armed with knowledge I plan to  banish this grass imposter for good!

What is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass is a grass weed, it's green and it camouflages well in between regular grass until it becomes strong, killing it's host and taking over what once used to be a pretty green grass area.  Crabgrass gets it's name because it sprawls from a central root and grows close to the ground, spreading out from it's base. 

Thousands of seeds go dormant when the crabgrass dies off in the fall, just to sprout like a weed at the first sign of Spring. Crabgrass loves it dry and hot and spreads like crazy when these conditions are met. 

Greeting Card

Greeting Card

How to get rid of Crabgrass

Start by setting the lawnmower to a higher setting. When the grass blades are left to grow taller, the seeds have a harder time spreading around. The key to eradication is to establish a strong grass rooting system. This is best done by feeding your lawn the nutrients it needs and by watering less frequently but for longer times, so the water can wet the soil up to 4-6 inches deep. Frequent watering does not encourage deep root growth and leaves the roots weak. Apply a lawn food that contains pre emergent weed control, such as Scott's Lawn Pro Crabgrass Preventer plus Weed Control.

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