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The Sweet Sound of Wind Chimes

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Todays' blog post is sponsored by HoneForest Wind Chimes, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for continuing to support brands that support me!

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When visiting my local garden center I am always lulled by the sound of the wind chimes they have hanging all over the place. Chimes create a unique sound based on the materials and size/length of objects used. To me, the various sounds of chimes bring inner warmth and envoke a zen-like feeling. That's why I started to collect chimes of various sizes for my own backyard. 

When the weather is nice I take my yoga mat outside and while the water fountain is bubbling, and the chimes chiming I stretch and meditate. It is incredibly relaxing when you hear the combination of water and chime sounds.

My newest chime from HoneForest  has such a lovely sound too and to my surprise, there is an adjustable fastener in the suspension system that can be adjusted to change how loud the chimes chime. Who knew, you can even do that?! 

On days when it is rather windy, you can soften the sound by pulling the pipes up higher. You can also pull the pipes lower if you want them to chime with the slightest breeze. I also liked that  This chime comes with black nylon string and a matching black hook. It just all looks very well made and classy.

This metal wind chime has tubes measuring from 8.5" to 12.5" that are made out of thick aluminum alloy, that does not rust. The tubes are held together by a lovely red-brown beech wood and durable nylon strings are used to keep everything together. At the very end is a water drop windcatcher. The water drop shape signifies water which in turn is associated with purity, fertility, motion, renewal, and transformation.



Did you know you can use Wind Chimes to Attract Birds? 

If you like to encourage more feathered friends to visit your garden install small chimes. 

The gentle, intermittent tones attract curious birds. What I like best about that is that on occasion you will spot a bird you could have sworn you have never seen in your little spot of heaven. 

I know I have attracted new species to my backyard. Once a little one even decided to sit right on one of my chimes for a little musical swing in the breeze!


 Use of Wind Chimes in Feng Shui

Wind chimes are also very popular feng shui.  Chimes are used to both suppress and cure negative energy, as well as to add energy where chi is lacking. Come to think of it I have chimes all around the house and basically wrapped my home in positive energy. If you have not noticed by now, I do love wind chimes. On my radar are the super big ones and one of these days I will have to haul one of those home as well. 


If you are interested to know more about these particular wind chimes from Honeforest, I have included the specs below. 

honeforest wind chime specs

The chimes make a wonderful gift for all occasions and the company was nice enough to extend a special offer. Here's a 46% OFF Coupon Code for my readers -- AFYUCSSQ (expire on the 31st, Aug, 2019). You can order the wind chimes via Amazon from here

Wind Chime Gift

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