The Snow Queen and her Garden

 Fatara World by Maxine Gadd

The snow queen had been very busy in recent days. She had to make sure that the young bulbs and seedlings under her care were getting the season's rest they so badly needed. Mother Nature would not have it any other way!

So she set about her tasks, first she visited father wind and asked him to blow some arctic air. Then she called upon the snow flurries and danced with them from here to there. As each flake lay down to rest, a blanket of snow lay upon the land. It shimmered and glisten under the evening starts ...

But her task was not quiet done. Late into the night, a light could be seen flickering faintly. The snow queen was still busy tending to the blooms of the frost.

What do you think blooms in the frost? Well ~ You might just have to come back to find out!

Photos courtesy of Wohnen und Garten

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