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I love Roses and have several varieties in an array of colors in my southern California garden. This time of year everything is starting to bloom and I am constantly drawn towards the garden to tend to my flowers. Roses love pruning and the more you cut off spent flowers, the more they will reward you with new blooms.


This particular rose for example has been a great performer. I love how delicate looking the heads are, with the centers having just a hint of pink surrounded by petals of white. I have taken cuttings of this bush, placed the ends in root hormone and just stuck them into other areas of the garden to find a new rose bush developing after a few months. I just wished I knew the name of this great bloomer so I could share it with you. 

Rosa Mundi

Rosa Mundi

Summers in California can be brutally hot, therefore it is important to choose varieties that are suitable to your location. Even though we have little rainfall, humidity does take it's toll and one of the biggest problems is rose rust and black spots. Roses are generally very drought tolerant once they are established, however they do like a good watering especially around the roots. Using mulch and incorporating good humus (well rotted manure or garden compost) keep the moisture in the ground and help the roots stay cool. It's best to water roses deeply and occasionally rather than a little every day. I do not use pesticides in my garden, but religiously hand pick bugs and diseased leaves off my plants. I have been experimenting with a mixture of heavy cream and water with a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil to see if it would stop the rust. I would love to hear how you care for your roses. 

Here is an interesting video I found that might be worth checking into. 

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