Rose Arbour

I am one of those gardeners that mix and matches just about everything to get a year round display of color in my garden. I have been trying to train two rose bushes to grow and meet over a trellis, but thanks to California's climate and pests, more leaves are lost to make for a lovely sight such as in this picture. That got me thinking I need a vine as a filler, when the roses are not quiet as showy.

The star jasmine, Trachelospermum, is an evergreen climber with twining stems and lovely scented “jasmine” flower clusters that bloom in summer. A perfect choice for arbours it will fill in the empty spots, compliment the rose with it's white flowers and smell heavenly!

Did you know the Jasmine flower frequently appears in representations of the Madonna and Child in Italian Renaissance Art? It appears as a symbol of divine love and heavenly happiness.

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