Schönen Sonntag

Photo: ZierApfel

Do you decorate in your garden? When things get a bit banged up, rather than tossing the objects, I try to give them a 2nd purpose in the yard. Chips, dings, missing parts and peeled paint somehow become art of a graceful aging process and when paired with delicate flowers outright lovely. Here are some images to demonstrate what I mean.



~Eisern rostig~

Photo: Luna

It's all about re-purposing in a tasteful manner. Just make sure not to put too many things out. Thant can quickly make the yard looked cluttered. The key is to be selective. If you have several favs, you just hate to ditch, then rotate things around. You won't believe how often friends thought things were new, when in essence all I did was to change the location of the item and the grouping.


Sometimes you can find a dinged item marked down. If it would go well in the garden, buy it and just place it under an overhanging plant to hide the ding. Other great places to find inexpensive decor items for the garden are yard sales, flea market and thrift stores. 

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