Planters Buddy

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It would be nice to have a friend/buddy in the garden to assist with some of the work, but since no one is usually around when help is needed I heavily rely on my planters buddy/ my favorite gardening tool, which is this stainless steel towel by Ames True Temper.

I love to use it when planting bulbs, because the blade is embossed with measurement markings for planting depth (one to six inches), and it's a guide for plant spacing (the tool is exactly one foot long). This makes the job of trying to figure out weather you planted the bulbs at the right depth fool proof.

This tool also multi tasks and can be used to cut open soil bags (6 in serrated edge) and can be used for pulling out weeds. The ergonomic handle makes it a comfortable tool for hours of planting and saves a lot of time.
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