My Garden in Full Bloom

My garden in full bloom

The recent rains have done wonders to my garden. Everything is in full bloom and now that I have absolutely no time to work in it, the flowers wave at me with every little breeze as if to say:"Leave that easel and play with us!"

So this morning with coffee in hand I figured I step outside and snap some quickies with the Iphone.

Red and Pink Rose

Absolutely love this rose, it has such a wonderful smell! This must be the one they choose to make rosewater with. It's 830am and the 1st thing that popped into my mind just now is Persian Ice Cream infused with Rosewater ~ jeez ~ it's too early for such temptations!

Beautiful light hues

A potted plant quickly turns into a still life for me. Everything gets paired with complimentary colors or textures. This one, whose name escapes me at the moment is the companion to that beautiful rose. It repeats the color scheme of the blue pot they both share.

Do you also like to arrange different species in the same pot? Which ones do you think make great companions?


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