Leaving Room for Pixies Story of my Peach Tree

I am constantly pulling weeds, re-mulching, prunning and trimming, because I like my garden to look picture perfect. Well noo, I do like it to look picture perfect and I could swear I do these activities quiet often, but more often I can't keep up with all that is required. So what does it have to do with Pixies, you ask?

According to folklore, pixies (or piskies) are little people with wings who are approximately four inches tall and live in gardens. Pixies desire their own plot of land, preferably a garden away from people, where they can roam and do as they please.

This just has to explain while new plants grow and grow so well, without me ever having lifted a finger to plant or care for them! If it's not the pixies that are busy planting than it must be just a miracle!

Several years ago I purchased two peach trees and planted them in my back yard. Those two just look utterly pathetic and if I am lucky bear a few fruits. Yet in the front yard, in a spot no one would even consider to plant a tree, grew this lovely peach tree that last summer was so full of peaches we had a hard time keeping up with it.

Well it made me a believer that mystical things can happen.

peach tree, originally uploaded by christina & riley.

I am anxiously awaiting for my peach tree to start to blossom and had to borrow a model! My tree's photos will follow soon...
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